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7 great reasons for renting light fixtures

Are you looking for the perfect light for your exhibition, event, gallery or business? Then you’ve come to the right place – since nothing could be easier than renting lighting technology from SPOTS UP.


Top selection

What will it be? Choose from 28 tried-and-tested lighting fixtures, clever connection solutions and the SOL spot, one of our own creations, which perfectly illuminates any wall – without casting a shadow.

Super simple

Compare lighting fixtures and intensities using our configurator, or simply tell us what you are looking for. Together we can find the solution that perfectly matches your requirements. We’ll then supply you with everything you need.


Developments in the area of lighting and luminaires are amazing. The possibilities for creating the perfect light are now almost limitless. You have a special request? We’d be glad to help!


The best reason for renting lighting technology is that it offers you maximum flexibility. After all, changes are sometimes unavoidable. Decide which lighting concept works best for each occasion – and for your budget.


We are more than happy to provide suggestions and advice. Simply fill out the contact form, telling us briefly what you need and when – and how we can be of service.

Fair prices

Solid business relationships result when both sides get a fair deal that makes good business sense. Save yourself time and expense – by renting your lighting fixtures flexibly and at fair prices.


We are committed to engaging in ethical, economical and environmentally responsible business practices and in business relationships that are respectful, transparent and mindful of coming generations.
A small selection of events brightened by our lights.

Finding the right light is simple

Do you already have a favourite fixture? Or would you like to browse and compare? We make it easy, offering you a number of possibilities for finding the right light.


Fixture finder

Already know what you’re looking for? Great! One keyword is enough and we can make suggestions from our entire product portfolio. Naturally, you can filter results by category and use.

Light simulator

One, two or three? Sometimes choosing is not so easy. That’s why we developed our Light simulator, which shows you what the final lighting will look like, along with all the technical details.

Wish list

Would you like to browse first, before deciding? No problem. Simply create a Wish list, which allows you to compare and plan at your leisure. Your choices will still be there for future projects.

Getting a quote

When it comes to lighting projects, details often make all the difference – as do technological advances, which our expert team would be glad to discuss with you. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll provide you with a customised quote free of charge.

Advisory services

Do you already have a specific project in mind? Are you looking for suggestions or more detailed advice? Then feel free to contact us by telephone or email. Our expert team will be glad to help.

Download centre

Would you like to dive into the details of your project, unhurriedly comparing your favourite fixtures to see which work best? Then simply visit our Download centre, where you can download data sheets and 3D models of all our lights.